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 Dubai Competitiveness Office


The competitiveness office has put some strategies and prepared an action plan to achieve the required goals where these strategies go along with Dubai strategic plan 2012 and will be implemented within the strategic plan of the department of economic development.


Director Message


Seeking to achieve prosperity, countries worldwide strive not only to satisfy their people but also to provide a decent life for every person through exploiting their potential and their natural resources.  Because of the differences in potentials, culture exchange, and the political conditions these countries face, the role of the international organizations in providing different kinds of assistance for the development of various countries and for offering the best life conditions for the people has become of great importance.


Nowadays these countries stand in front of global competitiveness reports that have a direct impact on different levels. These reports are considered as a performance index of the government and its official institutions. They are also used to measure the impact of the different policies issued by the government in serving its people. Moreover, they can be used as a reference for business men and investors which help them in their decision making processes. Furthermore, because of these reports it is possible to be exposed to the best practices and policies of countries worldwide in addition to their successful experiences. Global competitiveness serves today as a great reference for establishing sustainable development plans for countries. It is also an effective mean in pushing people towards working and competing for the best.​



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