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 Dubai Competitiveness Policy

Dubai Competitiveness Office is responsible for drafting the general framework for Dubai competitiveness policy that aims at identifying the major factors influencing the competitiveness of the emirate and coming up with related outputs and results. 

The General Framework of Dubai Competitiveness Policy

The importance of this policy emerges from the following:

  • Reinforce the competitive advantage of Dubai in the global markets by empowering the business organizations to discover new and effective ways compared to those used by international competitors.

  • Strengthen the emirate capacity to provide relatively larger and more efficient production, increase its sales of the manufactured commodities, convert to high tech goods and high added value manufacturing, achieve higher income for the individual and attract direct foreign investments that are associated with the capability of the state to provide suitable environment for business and investment.

  • Provide channels and mechanisms for cooperation and partnership (such as forming committees and working groups) among various concerned government agencies in one hand, and the private sector on the other. The aim of doing that is to improve the performance and productivity in such a manner that could enhance competitiveness of the national product in the global markets.

  • Provide organizational and political as well as regulatory frameworks to follow up the developments on the Dubai's ranks on the global competitiveness map and seek to improve it on a continuous basis.

  • Determine the extent through which the emirate produces in light of the requirements of the free and fair market products and services in the global markets. At the same time, the real income of the society members can be increased in the long term.

  • Create a framework of the role of government to enhance competitiveness in a precise manner.   

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