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 Why are we concerned with competitiveness?

The main motive behind the widespread and exceptional concern that Dubai and UAE have as well as most countries of the world with the issue of competitiveness, and their serious endeavor to promote national competitiveness in the global economy is due to the vitality and sustainability of the national economic and social environments that usually reflected by the competitiveness indicators.

Competitiveness enables us to:

  • Find out the strengths vis-à-vis weaknesses of the local economy and identify areas for improvement;

  • Ensure the sustainability and growth of Dubai competitiveness across other countries to acquire bigger shares in the global markets and attract more direct foreign investment; and

  • Identify the best practices in the areas that need improvement, based on the international comparisons included in the global competitiveness reports – usually in compliance with certain indicators, as well as the successful programs, policies and projects that will subsequently lead to economic prosperity and growth.  

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